Offline media content database

MediaDatabase is database to store filesystem metadata (directory structure) and/or audio tracks descriptions of offline media and frontends to database (WWW, GUI and CUI). It was developed to fight chaos of large compact disk collection but it can help track other removable media such as floppy disks and data DVDs.

Currenty PHP, CUI (command line), GTK2 and FUSE (Linux filesystem) frontends are usable. Check frontend status table below for more info about specific features. Frontends can use MySQL server or SQLite file as backend database.

Frontend Browse Add Media Update Media Search files Media location change updates Specifics
PHP yes no no yes yes Only MySQL supported (SQLite not supported)
CUI (command line) no yes yes yes no  
GTK2 yes no no yes no  
FUSE (Linux filesystem) yes no no possible by using external tool like "find" no Visit FUSE site for more info

PHP frontend demo is available here. Currenly it looks better with Gecko(Mozilla,Galeon) and worse with Internet Explorer. This is because it seems that IE is not supporting PNG transparency. Also tables looks somewhat strange.

Native Win32 GUI frontend is currently in development.

There are plans to compile GTK frontend for Windows too.

Audio media support is currently not implemented. It will contain ability to insert audio compact disks with getting info about tracks from CDDB server.

License of choice for the project is GPL to allow freedom of bugfixing and creating derivates, but limiting them to be shared alike.

The development site is at SourceForge. At this time latest CVS is recommended and should be most usable.

The support and communication about the project is done in the mediadatabase-misc mailing list.

This project forked from similar project called MediaBase and still uses some code from it.

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